About Us

we are

Problem Solvers

We are creative problem solvers, first and foremost. We’re inspired by what we do and passionate about helping brands tell powerful stories through video. But we know there’s a big difference between a good idea and the right idea. That’s why we place so much importance on creating a clear and open dialogue with our clients. We want to understand your business needs and challenges. Then we make them our business needs and challenges. It’s our way of ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and that we never deliver irrelevant brilliance. Only relevant brilliance. The kind that’s built on a strategy and gets results. The kind that makes a lasting connection with viewers.

We think about the big picture and the Big Idea - the ones that can live across platforms and be reiterated upon for months and years to come. Some people call those campaigns. We call them table stakes.  

And we’ve got a unique approach. Our nimble production model allows us to quickly scale up or down based on a project’s needs, so we can deliver what you need - and only what you need - efficiently.

Clients come to Layer for big agency creative firepower without big agency baggage. Clients come to us because we’re empathetic, big-hearted, and because not only are we not afraid of challenge -- we’re sort of addicted to it.